• Pezzi di Napoli represents:
    The search for talented individuals and creative energy; 
The conservation and fostering of memories and all that is beautiful and hand-crafted; 
The valorisation of forgotten ancient crafts and novel creative projects;
    Travel, encounters, dedication, a challenge.

  • Pezzi di Napoli è
    Ricerca di talenti ed energie creative;
    Recupero della memoria del bello e del fatto a mano;
    Valorizzazione di antichi mestieri dimenticati e di nuove idee progettuali;
    Vetrina e Laboratorio di produzione artistica;
    Viaggio, incontro, impegno, sfida.


designed by Roberto Mango

Pezzi di Napoli is proud to offer a new edition of Sunflowers, a modern revival of this cult item of modern design: an object that instils both indoor and outdoor spaces with character and light-heartedness.

The Sunflowers armchair was designed by Roberto Mango (Naples 1920-2003) in the mid-1950s: Mediterranean, evocative, cultured and refined,
just like the Neapolitan architect and designer himself. Essential in form, genius in the pairing of textures and materials, Sunflowers is composed of just
two different parts: the backrest-seat and the supporting base. The top is a wicker cone that is reminiscent of the baskets and traps that were hand-woven
by artisans and fishermen; the base is a minimalist tripod made of iron with a black varnish finish.
The pairing might first appear simple, but reveals an ingenious underlying approach, whereby the delicacy and the sensibility of manual craftsmanship
co-exists with the solid consistency and mutable ductility of metal.


This chaise longue was born through the fusion of colours, design and functionality.
Made as a tribute to relaxation and an homage to Neapolitan
“intalio”, the piece is a manifestation of style and character. For comfort that was designed especially for leisure time, with an elegantly discrete oak shelf that can be pulled out in an instant.

Practical and ergonomic with an adjustable headrest, this luxurious lounge chair is characterized by a 45cm-high seat. The comfortable cushion is covered with soft, precious Textile Tales fabrics, designed and hand-drawn by Stefania Ricci , exclusively for Pezzi di Napoli.

From ‘Ntalliarse, in Neapolitan dialect
Pensive, can also mean to dillydally, indulge, and is synonymous with words relating to the concept of “wasting time”.
indugiare, o altri numerosi sinonimi collegati al concetto Derives from the Latin word “talis” (heels) with the prefix “in”,
forming the word “in-talos” or “to rest on one’s heels”,
or metaphorically, to stay still.


designer Barbara Lambrecht | textile designer Allegra Hicks

Freed from the law of fixed geometries, the lampshade becomes variable and shimmering.
Barlumi explores a new light conception. No more barriers and filters, just a light source conveyor, that does not hold resistance to the moulding hand.
A piece of unique design, exclusively crafted for Pezzi di Napoli with “Stripes”, the prestigious fabric of Allegra Hicks, inspired by the sea waves.

Barlumi is a turning point in the lamp shade landscape; more space to the creativity, the personal taste, the versatility.

The lamp shades, available in different models and colours, can be applied to abat-jour, floor and wall lamps and chandeliers.

Exclusively for Pezzi di Napoli Barbara Lambrecht has combined the shape of classic “carrè” with “Stripes” colours.

Stripes is the prestigious fabric of Allegra Hicks, inspired by the sea waves.